We offer the implementation of the company's website either in the form of a simple, light business card containing the necessary information or a more extensive website with exactly the number of subpages that will be necessary. If your website is more than two or three years old, we propose to modernize it - adapting it to modern trends and requirements such as responsiveness, i.e. correct and legible display of the website on phones and tablets.

stages of website development

from order to publication

Before submitting an inquiry regarding the website, you should prepare basic information about the company (business profile, industry, etc.) and expectations regarding the website content (scope and amount of information, colors, quantity and expected form of presentation of graphic materials, i.e. photos, charts, etc.) It is sometimes useful to look at the websites of companies from your own industry and indicate examples.
At this stage, we will be able to provide an estimated cost and date of website completion.

Based on the information provided in the inquiry, we will create a preliminary website design, which will be the basis for further arrangements. The preliminary design contains only a proposal of colors, the arrangement of permanent elements and possible additions, such as a gallery, contact form, location.
If you like our proposals, we will present a cost offer and a completion date. We will start work after placing an order for the site.

At this stage of our cooperation, we create the final design of your website. The outline presented earlier is adapted to your comments, ideas and, above all, your needs.
This is the moment when we should receive from you all the materials that are to be placed on the site, such as texts, photos, catalogs, etc. We offer help in editing or even creating this content.
Individual stages of work will be able to view you at the working address that we provide for the duration of the service. Thanks to this, it is possible to submit comments on an ongoing basis, which we can take into account in further work.

The website is ready. It contains all the content sent in the graphic form chosen by you. This is the moment when our cooperation may end and then we will send files that you can then place on your own hosting and enjoy your new website. After sending the files, we issue an invoice. However, you can also use our help in publishing the website and additionally in its subsequent administration.

If you need services that we have not listed - please contact us. We will certainly be able to help.

When evaluating the website design, we take into account its size and the presence and size of additional elements such as: gallery, tables, forms, etc. The price of the project includes the cost of text editing and graphic preparation.

We also offer changes to pages or full administration - pricing depending on the number of changes.

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