ZeroG work chair - additional accessories

The Zero G stand can be additionally equipped with the so-called headband for hanging external monitors.

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Depending on the specifics of the work and personal habits, it can be fitted with 1 to 3 graphic monitors. Their configuration is dictated by both their size and the degree of use during operation. Therefore, there is no standard developed suspension system.

Therefore, having the "headband" purchased together with the chair, we can hang a properly constructed supporting frame on it, which will position the monitors in the correct position in relation to the eyes.

If you do not have the possibility to make the suspension yourself, Serve can help in the design and manufacture of the monitor frame after agreeing the above details with the user of the chair.

Having a 3D printer, we can also help in the detailed adjustment of the workplace with various types of gadgets that facilitate work or increase the aesthetics of the environment.

We have several years of experience in working on Zero G armchairs and we are happy to share our best knowledge on this subject.


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